Caterina Ranieri

Caterina’s dual citizenship journey began in 2010 when she discovered she qualified to be recognized as a citizen of Italy. Her history is similar to others with whom she has worked with over the years. Caterina’s mother arrived in the US in 1958 at 17 years of age. The oldest of six children, she worked hard, became a US citizen and returned to Calabria, Italy in 1964 to marry her love. Caterina’s parents arrived to the US six months before Caterina was born.

Derrick Manni

Independent Consultant

Derrick’s love for Italy started in 2004 when his first international trip took him to Italy to celebrate his Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. Derrick and his grandparents had never seen the country from where both sets of their parents came from. He completely fell in love with the country of his paternal ancestors. So much so, that he then studied abroad for a semester during college. That wasn’t enough.

Nicole Misco

With roots in both Italy and Ireland, Nicole may be embarking on her own journey toward dual citizenship in the near future.
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