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Our team recognizes that a person’s name is a very important part of their identity. In New York State, any state resident can petition a court to grant a legal name change. Part of petitioning for a name change includes providing reasons to support your request. Our office is pleased to help you claim the name you desire and walk you through the process. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment to review your matter.

I work with attorneys often and this firm is one of the most responsive, thoughtful and easiest to work with that I have encountered. In addition, it provided me great advice and assistance on an unusual matter. Thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Name Change Petitions

The answer to this question depends on the Court’s calendar and when the Court will be able to review your petition and make a determination. Typically, though, these types of matters may take about 3-5 months to reach its resolution.

Not necessarily, but attorneys help make the process go smoothly and ensure that the matter is properly filed and proceeds through the court system in a timely manner.

Our fee legal work involved in drafting and filing a petition with its supporting exhibits, monitoring the matter through the court system, and assisting with final details such as properly publishing in acceptable newspapers is $1,500.
We will interview you and determine if there are any concerns which need to be discussed prior to filing the petition. You will provide us with your birth certificate, driver license, passport and possibly other documents specific to your situation such as death certificates, adoption decrees, or marriage certificates.
A court may deny a petition if it has reason to believe that you are seeking to change your name in order to avoid financial obligations including spousal and child support, to avoid a legal penalty for the commission of a crime, to avoid a legal obligation stemming from a civil matter, or to disguise your identity in relation to fraudulent activity.
Generally, the Court makes the determination if a court appearance is required.
You would submit a certified copy of the order along with the corresponding correction form, fees, and identification to the Department of Health to update or correct your name on your birth certificate. If you have a will or estate plan, retirement accounts, real estate holdings or other similar legal documents, you will need to reach out to the attorney or accountant that is handling those matters to update those documents with your name.
Yes, if your child is under 18 years of age and you are not trying to change your child’s name to avoid debt or for other fraudulent reasons, a parent may file a petition to change their child's name. The name change may require the permission of the child’s other biological parent, if the parents are not married.
You would file the petition in the state where you currently live. You would then obtain a certified copy of the order and submit it to the appropriate agency in New York State for correction.
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