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It has been wonderful working with Caterina, Nicole, and the entire staff. They worked their way through the entire complicated process, found solutions to problems, encouraged patience when needed, and lead me successfully to the documents I required from New York City for my Greek citizenship recognition. Ευχαριστώ and Grazie!
Caterina Ranieri and her team are incredible. I came in wanting to hire them and they provided me with all the information that showed I did not actually need to hire them. Wow. I would hire them in a second and cannot recommend them enough.
It was a please to work with Caterina Ranieri and her team of professionals. My family and I have been working towards Dual-Citizenship with Italy for about 5 years. We went to court and got a favorable judgement solving a name issue for my Italian born grandfather. It was a one and the same judgement. Caterina has a complete understanding of what is going on with Dual Citizenship. It's as if she has her finger on the pulse of this industry. I am glad to have trusted her with my family matter and I think you can too. I highly recommend her and her team!
I used Ms. Ranieri to help determine how to proceed with legal documentation needed to pursue dual citizenship. We started in one direction, and she and her team were great at communications and documenting my needs. Ms. Ranieri's updated knowledge of the courts' mind on our tactical approach caused a directional change mid stream that eventually led to a successful outcome, albeit in a different way that originally expected. I can only sing the praises of Ms. Ranieri and her indispensable legal staff to get my job done. Tante grazie, Signora Ranieri!
My family and I have been working with Caterina for the last few years on a complicated case for Italian dual citizenship. Throughout the entire process Caterina was professional, polite, and always worked in our best interest with proficiency and care.Being unfamiliar with the legal process can be overwhelming and Caterina always brought clarity to the complexity. We had many hurdles along the way and she always had a good strategy to overcome the issues. She was clear and considerate in her communication to us and to our other legal advisors.We highly recommend Caterina for her legal services, her personal attention to us and for going above and beyond to see the job through.Thanks Caterina!!!
Caterina Ranieri and her great team helped us with obtaining records required for Italian Dual Citizenship from the State of NY that could only be obtained with a court order. What seems like a simple request was more complicated than it appears on the surface. Her legal advice and guidance through the process were extremely helpful in getting the outcome we needed. Her team was always great with responding to questions along the process. We feel that we were very fortunate to have found Caterina and highly recommend her services.
Joseph Cozza
Had a completely wonderful experience. Ms. Ranieri and her staff were extremely helpful in obtaining documents for my Italian citizenship application. Great online communication, quick responses to everything. Definitely recommend.
Brent Krupp
Had the pleasure of working with Caterina and her colleague, Franck. They spent 30 minutes on the phone explaining exactly how I could help my daughter get her Italian citizenship. The information I had beforehand was completely convoluted and confusing. They helped me understand exactly what I needed to do, which turned out to be a lot easier than what I previously knew. They did not try to get my business, rather just gave me advice as friends. I can’t think them enough and highly recommend them to anybody who needs help in obtaining foreign citizenship.
Coach Ascanio
Caterina and her staff are very attentive, thorough, and knowledgeable. They answered every question I had and made the entire process seamless. Everything was timely prepared and correctly done. We just received the amended birth certificate this week based on the court order Caterina obtained for my family. She and her team are a pleasure to work with. I recommend her highly.
Max Kellogg
I reached out to Caterina for some help with obtaining a document for an Italian Dual Citizenship application. I had been stuck in a vital records unit and the process was going nowhere. It was a simple fix, she knew the answer right away, and she sent the required document without charging a dollar. She is a lawyer with a good conscience and a good heart. I am so grateful for her help. I expect to be returning to actually engage her services, as the application process is daunting!
Katie Veni
I work with attorneys often and this firm is one of the most responsive, thoughtful and easiest to work with that I have encountered. In addition, it provided me great advice and assistance on an unusual matter. Thank you!
Henry Kohnlein
Caterina and her staff were very helpful at helping me with matters concerning dual citizenship. They took the time to explain what we needed to do and made the process easy. They communicated well and followed up with their progress throughout the process. Had a great experience working with them.
Brent Hill
While in Italy, we hired Caterina to help us with a unique citizenship situation. She was always very responsive, professional and a pleasure to work with. If we have a need we will use her again, I am certain! I would highly recommend Caterina.
Chris Togni
I am very pleased with the work of Caterina. I had a complicated case of requiring a court order to align on all the different spellings in English and ITalian of my relatvies, and she delivered on time and completely!
David Skidmore
Caterina was able to secure the documents and approvals from the state that I needed for my dual citizenship to move forward. I would never have been able to navigate the process with her expertise. I am so very grateful and would highly recommend Caterina. Working with her was a smooth and easy experience. THANK YOU!
Laura Zaferakis
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Caterina Ranieri is an attorney admitted to practice in New York State and is a dual citizen of the United States and Italy. Her citizenship with Italy was recognized in 2012.
Caterina offers 15-minute complimentary consultations to help you determine if her services can benefit you on your dual citizenship journey. You can call 315-715-7052 or send Caterina an email with our contact form in order to schedule your consultation.

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National Italian American Bar Association

The National Italian American Bar Association (NIABA) is a renowned organization representing Italian American legal professionals in the United States. Committed to fostering a strong community of attorneys, the NIABA promotes cultural heritage and excellence in the legal field. Caterina Ranieri, a prominent member, was featured in an article highlighting her contributions to both the legal profession and Italian American heritage.
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